Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre (Myintkyina, Myanmar) – Ausbildungszentrum für junge Menschen in Myitkyina

The Purpose

The purpose of this institution is to help the school-drop-out youth who have no sense of direction in life.
In our country there are so many young people who are living in idle without any sense of purpose in life. Our education system did not grantee the opportunity of work after the schooling in the past, therefore the young people did not find any sense in learning in school.


The result is the school-drop-outs. Very often they become the drug addicts. The society is facing a lot of difficulties to help the youth in order to get the proper job. Life without job is life without dignity. Being the congregation for the youth, we the Salesians took up this opportunity to help the youth in training the vocational skills so that they may be able to contribute the society with their dignified lives. It is not so easy to discipline them in the line of training. The very first thing we have to do is to help them overcome their disinterest in learning the vocational skills. Therefore we have to teach them the sense of orientation in life. The very important thing is that they are happy to learn the skills. This centre is also a kind of rehabilitation centre because before teaching them the vocational skills we have to help them overcome the habits of smoking and drinking. We have to dedicate the first a few months to help them in the character formation. For some it takes 6 months to a year. We have to be very patient.

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The period of two years may be long enough to learn a vocational skill but in the case of our boys, sometimes, it may not be enough. They are not really able to stand on their own to earn enough money for their living after two years of training with us. Therefore we try to help out to get the job or opportunity to practice and perfect the skills they learn in our institution. Since last year we try to arrange the field training for them and get into the real field so that once they complete the training they are competent to get the job after the years of training. According to our experience, the field training or the practical training was very positive. It gives motivation and arouse their interests in learning the vocational skills.


Carpentry is one of the courses offered here in our institution. Since our country is developing country a lot of constructions are going on every where. The knowledge of carpentry ensures the opportunity for works. The furniture are the main equipments for every house and therefore it is a good business. We are happy that many of our students are earning their living with this skill with dignity.

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Diesel Engine repair

It is also every important skill since every thing is done by the machines. Mechanics are high demand. Unfortunately it takes time for the students to be competent. We offer the basic course only. Once they get the basic knowledge they are sent for the higher training, such as motor mechanic. Some of our boys are already working as parenthesises in the motor mechanic work shops.

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The Wielding

The wielding is also highly paid job in Burma. The constructions are done with iron instead of wood. Last year we could not get the proper instructor for our students, therefore we had to send them out for the instruction. We could not demand much. But this year we have one instructor who agreed to conduct the course according to our expectation. We have a great prospect coming year. But last year a few boys whom we sent out did very well and we sent them for the practical training to the shop where they learnt much better. Unfortunately we don’t have companies where many workers are employed. We have to look for the small business run by some individual persons. Hopefully with the opening of the country the work opportunities will increase.


The Tailoring

The tailoring is one of the stable self employments which is very much suitable for the girls. Many girls earn their living with the tailoring. We offer the basic course for the tailoring. Many girls are very much interested. Last year, since we had a good instructor in the person of a sister who belongs to the St.Paul’s congregation, the course was successful. This year we will be introducing the fashion and designing. This will be a great help for the girls as they work as self-employees for their living. Apart from the tailoring we have the T-shirt making which is done with the motor-machines. Some of the girls who finish the training, take up this job and mean while they perfect the designing knowledge.

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The future plan

A few months back we met one burmese-indian who worked as the head master of the technical shool in india. We believed his capacity and invited to come and see our institution. A few days back he visited us and we had a beautiful discussions. He agreed to in systemizing our institution in such a way that the youth will be competent in their skills after the training. We plan to fix the text books and follow them properly so that within short time they become perfect skill workers. We also trying our best to associate with a government’s poly technical shool so that once the students finish their training they will be given the official certificate and with that they can be employed officially. For all these improvement within these three years we are very grateful to the Pohl foundation from Germany. With help we received from it we manage to help out so many young people and they change their idle lives to become the good citizens to give their contribution to the society. In future we hope to produce more skill workers and move to the self sustainment program with the help of Pohl foundation. We thank them and pray for them. We pray that the foundation may continue to support us.

At Prayer

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General monthly expense

  • Kitchen 800,000
  • Rice 800,000
  • Salaries for the instructors 700,000
  • Electricity 100,000
  • Gasoline(cars, generator) 100,000
  • Materials for the training 500,000
  • Health-care 150,000
  • General 100,000
  • House maintenance 150,000


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