Girls in Myanmar

Von: Saw Charles Gesendet: Montag, 24. April 2017 05:14
An: Angela Jacobi

Our dearest sister Angela and our beloved Dr. Michael!

I was away in the Wa State where we could not have access to phone or internet.
Thank you very much for the Easter Gift, through Bonn Mission Office,
which arrived before the Holy Week.
With your kind assistance, now we have helped 38 girls (young single
mothers) who delivered beautiful children. So far no child died in our
house, and better still, when they first came some were with the idea
of giving away their child after the birth. But luckily, after seeing
their children, they got courage to face the world for their child and
nobody left their child behind. All took back their children with them
with the strength of a mother to face whatever difficulty may come to
protect their own blood. I am very very happy about that.
But unfortunately,
1. Some mothers have Hepatitis B or C  ( which we give treatment for the child)
2. Some have to undergo operation to give birth ( because they cannot
give birth naturally)
3. Some have some STD ( sexual diseases)
4. Some are HIV patients.
But we could save all the  children.
Some we help them to start a new life in a new environment.
Some we can reconciled with the family members to accept them back.
Some we can find new secure place to raise their children with human dignity.
All the good things are happening because of your goodness and generosity.
Let’s praise the Lord and keep the good work going.
Never give Up.
Yours ever  Charles